As millions of people around the world continue to grow and care for indoor plants, many more are learning about the mental health benefits of tending to houseplants; even the number of studies being done have increased! While some of us already recognise the positive effect plants have on our lives, we wanted to do a deeper dive. So, in honour of Mental Health Awareness Week, we put together a list of houseplants with personalities that can help you on your mental health journey and the reasons why indoor plants are great for your metal wellbeing.


Let’s talk about five indoor plants there for you and your mental health!


First, let’s talk about why plants are so good for our mental wellness!

If you have been following Pretty Cactus (or many other online plant publications) for a while, you will know that we will happily boast about all the amazing physical health benefits indoor plants can bring to our lives. However, every single houseplant can also give a little mental health reminder, whether it be to breathe through anxiety, a message to continue the fight through depression, or a simple note to stay mindful.

The act of caring for plants has been studied countless times over the years and the findings are general constant: watering and tending to an indoor plant can increase the feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression in the average person. Also known as ecotherapy, this weekly or even daily practice has positive, long-lasting effects on the general sense of happiness in each person that tries it.



Any kind of Cactus want you to hold onto your boundaries.

The cactus is not just a beautiful plant, it’s also family to hundreds of species that have a firm understanding and appreciation for the idea of boundaries. Many cacti feature the classic prickly spines that clearly say, “this is my boundary, and you can’t cross it.” For those of us with mental health needs to care for, keeping a cactus around can offer the reminder that a clear boundary is one of the quickest ways to taking better care of yourself.



Any kind of Pothos can help you stay easy-going.

You may know a Pothos plant as the first one you ever received, or as the plant every member of your family grows in their home. This notoriously low-maintenance plant comes in multiple varieties, each with their own shape, pattern, and colouring, but each with the same easy-going nature. These plants can withstand the occasional change in schedule, fluctuation in light, and slight lack of water all with a laid-back attitude that can help remind you to give yourself a moment to relax and adopt a “come-what-may” outlook.



A Raphidaphora tetrasperma helps you stay creative and unique.

 As popular as the Monstera deliciosa may be, the Raphidaphora tetrasperma is a plant with similar striations that is still completely original. The leaves of this plant naturally grow in with different shapes each time, no matter what is going on in the world around them. This Raphidaphora offers a gentle reminder that no matter the stressors of the world or the depression sitting on your shoulders, a creative solution is always available to you.  


Any Maranta wants to remind you to take a deep breath.

You may know this genus of plants best by the Maranta leuconeura, aka the Prayer Plant. This beautifully patterned plant has a wonderful habit, visible to the naked eye, that lends to its iconic name: throughout each day and night, it moves its leaves up and down like its breathing or in prayer. As difficult as life may be, especially for those with Anxiety Disorders, a Maranta wants to remind you to work on your breath and continue breathing, no matter what comes your way.



Snake Plants remind you to be strong and resilient.

Any plant from the Sansevieria genus is a strong reminder that anyone can be a survivor. These plants are so popular worldwide, not just for how firm they stand in their tall stature like the Sansevieria futura superba, but for how long they can go in between waterings. This plant has the innate ability to soak up any water it receives and hold it in its waxy leaves for long periods of time, using it to grow taller and stronger while still withstanding difficult and even unkind environments.



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