If you’re interested in plants (which I think we can safely assume you are since you’re here), then you’ve probably already heard about the amazing health benefits they come with. However, the ability that plants have to purify our air of toxins and create fresh oxygen from the carbon dioxide isn’t the only thing they can do for us! In many traditional Feng Shui teachings, plants are often cited as the source for positive and uplifting energy in a space, or even the remover of negative energy, when necessary. So, let’s talk about the advantages plants bring into the home beyond the physical realm.

Here is everything you need to know about plants and feng shui!


What is Bagua Energy and what does it have to do with plants?

 In Feng Shui, there is this concept of Bagua Energy; essentially, bagua translates to “eight areas” and is a map system for analysing the flow of energy in a space and how to work with it in your placement of furniture, décor, and plants to boost the Feng Shui of a space. Each of the eight areas of this map benefit from having a plant there in different ways. For example, a plant that is well cared for in the Knowledge section can support healthy energy flowing to the learning and understanding area of your life. Placing a plant in the Partnership area of your bagua energy map could encourage kindness and positivity in your various relationship aspects of your life. At the very least, it’s worth looking up a Bagua Energy map and taking the placements into consideration!

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The Mental Health Benefits of Positive Feng Shui Plants

One of the key lessons of Feng Shui is the intentional selection and placement of things throughout your home and the discouragement of wasteful, unnecessary clutter. When you take the time to mindfully organise plants around your home, you’re not only inviting positive energy into your space, you’re also helping your mental health. The act of bringing nature into your home has been proven to decrease feelings of anxiety, promote a better night’s sleep, and even help increase your focus and keep your distraction to a minimum. While you may be the one watering your plants, they are taking care of you just as much as you are taking care of them!

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The Best Houseplants, According to Feng Shui

While Feng Shui doesn’t label plants as good or bad for the home, it does have guidelines for which types of plants are the most beneficial to keep indoors. If a plant has rounded or soft leaves, they may promote a gentle but positive energy into a space and are therefore recommended most. This quality can be found in plants like a well-groomed Jade Succulent, a Boston Fern when it receives plenty of sunlight, or even a common Philodendron Brasil for its softly contrasting variegation. At the end of the day, Feng Shui principles teach that all plants can have a positive affect on the home, so choosing the plant that feels right to you is the most important part.

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