In your life, you could spend more time in your office than you could anywhere else. While this environment is usually bland and cold, it can quickly be dressed up and improved by the addition of plants. Not only will your décor get a necessary upgrade, but your mental state could also as well; houseplants can boost improve your concentration up to 47% and boost your memory by 20%. If you’re going to spend so much time at your desk, then bringing plants into your space is a no-brainer!

These are our recommendations for plants you need in your office at work and at home!



At Pretty Cactus Plants, we love cacti the most out of any plant, just in case you couldn’t tell! While we recommend having some form of bright and potentially direct light available for your cactus, whether that is from the sun or a grow light), you will find this plant to be one of the easiest to care for in your office. With a cactus, you won’t have to worry about watering your plant as often, and it can actually help you in your life by absorbing trace amounts of the electromagnetic energy (aka radiation) your laptop or desktop computer gives off. How awesome? A plant that helps you as much as you help it?

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Spider Plants
Spider Plants are incredibly easy plants to care for and love growing in situations where hands-on care is infrequent. Not only can this plant rapidly grow, making your space more green and inviting, it also can greatly reduce the static electricity in the air, especially around your computer monitor. This happens because plants increase the humidity level of your space, and the high level of moisture released by the Spider Plant can cut through the static put out by your computer screens.

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English Ivy

Also known by its Latin name, Hedera helix, the English Ivy is a fantastic option for the office, no matter if it’s the one you have at the office, or the makeshift one you created at home to get through lockdown. This plant only requires moderate light and can withstand colder temperatures, so is a plant you can rely on to survive through occasional neglect when you’re out of the office. Attach this vining plant to a trellis or vertical structure to make it the highlight of your office!

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English Ivy (Hedera Helix)"50 Seeds" - Evergreen Houseplants for Improving  Indoor Air Quality: Garden & Outdoors

Marimo Moss Balls

Contradictory to its name, this plant is not actually moss at all! This plant is actually an algae colony that naturally forms in a spherical shape that emulates the look and feel of moss. A Marimo Moss Ball is great for offices because they don’t require very much light and live only in water. While working, its easy to notice the water level of your plant getting low and replacing it with fresh clean water during your break.

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Marimo Moss Balls — Peace & Toil

Snake Plants

If you’re into plants, even as a beginner, you’re probably familiar with the upright, spear-like plant that is the Sansevieria. In the plant community, it’s not uncommon to hear to this plant referred to as one of the easiest plants to grow because this is a genus that can thrives in low light, infrequent watering, and enjoys being the occasional periods of being root bound. You can find a dwarf species to fit on your desktop or a larger specimen to grow in the corner of your room. Either way, you will love having a Snake Plant as your office mate!

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