Flora & Hardy's Top 10 Houseplants and How to Take Care of Them


Indoor plants are all the rage nowadays, and it’s understandable why. They can fit in the smallest of spaces, which is good if you have a small house or apartment. They also require less sun than outdoor plants, and they can grow on their own with just the light streaming in from a few windows. Even if you weren’t blessed with a green thumb, houseplants are relatively easy to maintain. In other words, you can keep them alive with just minimal daily effort.


If your actual backyard plot requires the services of a professional garden design London firm to create and develop, you’re pretty much on your own when it comes to setting up your own indoor garden paradise. But don’t worry---the process is pretty simple provided you acquire the right kinds of indoor plants that will fit your location as well as your preferences.


We’ve compiled a list of of the top 10 houseplants and tips on how you can take care of them:

 ZZ Plant 

Such a plant requires less water than most plants, so even if you happen to be away for a few days and neglect to water it, it will still thrive in its environment. With that said, make sure you place this plant near a window as it does well in bright, indirect sunlight.

 Coffee Plant

 Having this plant in your house won’t be able to satisfy your daily coffee habit, but maybe you’ll be able to harvest a few beans and roast and brew them every once in a while. A coffee plant is also a beautiful sight to have in your home, and it’s also pretty straightforward---it will let you know if it isn’t getting enough water as you’ll see its leaves start to get droopy.

 Red Aglaonema

This versatile plant boasts bright pink leaves and stems and is also low-maintenance. It is able to grow in all kinds of environments---that is, it will thrive in places with low, moderate, and bright lighting.

 Rubber Plants

 This is one of those plants that require minimal watering, and we mean minimal. When you’ve noticed the soil getting dry, that’s when it’s recommended to water this plant. Rubber plants are also known for being natural air-cleaners.

String of Pearls

This plant will thrive if you’ll just leave it in a space where there’s lots of bright, indirect sunlight. Make sure you water it on a fairly regular basis so as to keep its soil constantly moist.


 This plant is quite unique in that it thrives best under the “drench and dry” approach---that is, you water it thoroughly and then allow the soil to dry out and then repeat the process. It’s all worth it, as its round, bright green leaves make quite a dramatic impression.

 Fiddle Leaf Figs

Bright, indirect light is also best for this plant, and you should only water it when the soil is dry. It typically has large green leaves, giving it a distinctive, memorable look. You can place this in a corner of your house to turn that space into a focal point.

Sweetheart Plant

Like the rest of the plants on this list, this plant requires little water. However, it thrives best under bright, direct sunlight, so you’d do well to place this on your windowsill or somewhere near it.


This plant is known for its red heart-shaped flowers that boast a prominent stamen in its centre. It’s not exactly low-maintenance as it requires some fertilisation every now and then, but it’s not high-maintenance either as it just needs a bit of watering every one to two weeks.

 Bird of Paradise

 All this plant needs to grow and prosper is lots of bright, direct sunlight and occasional fertilisation during spring and summer. Just remember not to overwater it as it only requires minimal water.



You can choose from the above what kinds of plants you’ll have in your home according to your preferences. There’s one thing that's for sure---no matter your skill level in taking care of plants, you’ll find these plants fairly easy to take care of.

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