With the rise in popularity of houseplants this past year, everyone has suddenly become an expert. 

But there are some plant myths that simply aren't true!


All plants purify the air - FALSE 

Not all plants are created equal when it comes to purifying the air and many offer no air purifying benefits at all. 

One of the best for helping to remove toxins from the air is an areca palm, closely followed by all varieties of Pothos.

Whereas something like an Aloe Vera offers no air-cleaning benefits, but it does acts as a low-tech alarm system, turning brown if there are too many toxins in the room.


I need to repot my houseplants to make them grow - FALSE

It can be tempting to move your houseplant to a bigger pot. The thinking behind this is that it will make the plant grow bigger. It can actually harm and, in some cases, kill houseplants if you move them into a pot that’s too large, too quickly.

The bigger the pot, the more soil, which can retain too much moisture for the plant. This can cause dreaded root rot, which is bad news for your formerly healthy plants. Also, houseplants more often than not like to fill a pot with roots. Putting in the pot which is too big will result in your plant trying to grow roots to fill the pot and it will forget about growing any foliage above the soil. 


My house is too dark for houseplants - FALSE

Many houseplants prefer some amount of light, whether indirect or direct. But don’t be put off by dark rooms, of if you house as a whole is fairly dark. There is still a plant for you!

There are several houseplants that can thrive on little to no sunlight, including snake plants, philodendrons and pothos


I've killed plants in the past, I can't keep houseplants now - FALSE 

Having thriving houseplants is about getting the right plant for the right location in the home. Sometimes plants die because they don't like where they are located and it is nothing to do with you as a plant parent. 

Pay close attention to their care instructions and pop them in your home based on their light, temperature and humidity requirements. 


Knowing the facts about your plants can make you a great plant parent and help to keep your plants thriving!