While the average houseplant parents keep indoor plants around specifically for their color, shape, pattern, or size, there are plenty of underrated plants that can wow you with their showstopping and delicious smelling blooms rather than the style of their foliage. Whether you are looking to make your home a spa-like sanctuary or you simply find joy in a fresh smell in your home each day, there are plants out there for you!

  These are our five favorite houseplants that will fill your home with fragrance!


Primrose (Streptocarpus genus)

  Varieties of the Primrose plant are a mainstay in many botanic gardens and can occasionally be found in the odd garden centre during the Spring gardening season, but they are beginning to make their mark in the indoor scene. While their blooms come in vibrant purple and white shades similar to the African Violet, their blooms smell like honey and can often flower all year round, making them a fantastic addition in the kitchen windowsill or living room shelf.



Wax Plant (Hoya)

  The Hoya is one of the most popular Hoya varieties cared for by houseplant parents around the world. This is mostly due to the popularity of its classic waxy leaves, hence the common name “Wax Plant,” but it’s also prized for its stunning yet tiny blooms that come out in clusters in between the foliage. Although it can be difficult to get a Hoya to flower in doors, when these plants do produce blooms, they smell like a crisp citrusy, vanilla!


Star of Bethlehem (Solanum jasminoides)

  This beautiful plant is often grown as shrubs in an outdoor garden but can be very easily kept in a container and maintained at a much smaller size indoors. As a member of the Jasmine family, this type produces the classic white, star-like flowers we all imagine when we think of the Jasmine flower. This bloom produces a completely unique fragrance that’s hard to describe and better to smell firsthand.

Dancing Lady Orchid (Oncidium genus)

  While orchids are an extremely common variety of houseplant to grow inside, very few are known for a strong signature scent quite like the Dancing Lady Orchids. This genus of the orchid family produces flowers that are almost an upside-down version of the standard orchid bloom, and often come in colors like yellow, white, and light shades of purple. These flowers smell so similar to chocolate, you’ll have your mouth watering every time you walk through the door.





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