Houseplants are the decoration you can have all year round, year-after -year.

They're a great way to add greenery to your home, but you can also use houseplants as themes throughout the year too.

There's a whole host of spooking looking and sounding houseplant which are perfect for Halloween. From spider plants to Spanish Moss (I'll explain in more detail in a bit!), there are lots of spooky-looking houseplants to add a touch of horror to your home without  having single-use Halloween decorations.  

Here's our top pick of spooky plants for you... 


Road Kill Cactus

Lets start with an obvious one. This plant is literally named after something dead! It gets is name from the fact this it is very flat, and looks like it may have been run over. 

Spider Plant 

Dangling spider plants can give a great eerie vibe to your home, especially if you add some clever lighting to cast shadows on your walls.  They do best in bright, indirect sunlight, they are among the most adaptable houseplants and can be easily propagated from cuttings. 

Devils Ivy 

If the name alone of this plant wasn't enough reason to add it to you home, that fact that it is super easy care should help! This hanging houseplant which is perfect for creating a little spooky spirit at home this year. It is great in a low-light setting and will add some spooky vines to your home. 


Spanish Moss 

This air plant doesn't have the scariest of names, BUT it does look like cobwebs. Are it is an air plant, it doesn't need soil so you can pop it anywhere. This is my ultimate Halloween plant for creating spooky displays. 

Dancing Bones Cactus 

This guy is a funky jungle cactus that moves! Yep. That will give you the frighteners. It has thick stems with lots of little segments coming off that look like bones. Just the slightest shake to the plant and the whole thing jiggles. 

Witches Fingers 

These guys are a sansevieria which are pretty much bomb-proof. They get their name, Witches Fingers from the fact that the succulent stems look like they are growing out of the soil, which could be a witched grave! 

There you have it - a great selection of plant which are perfect for the upcoming spooky season.