Finding a Spider Mite on your houseplant for the first time can be a scary and anxiety-inducing experience, and for good reason! However, trust us when we say that we have seen our fair share of indoor plant pests and there are ways to rid yourself of this nuisance.

  This is how to deal with spider mites on your indoor plants the quick and easy way.


Wash Your Plant

  Before you do anything else, always wash the foliage of your plant first. Wipe down every leaf and stem with a simple damp towel or microfiber cloth. Not only do you want a fresh canvas to work with so you can tell the dust and lingering spider mites apart when you’re done, but it’s also a good habit to get into.


Apply a Solution, then Rinse

  We recommend a solution made of rubbing alcohol when possible, but you can also use vodka, gin, or any other clear alcohol, too. Mix rubbing alcohol together with a few drops of dish soap (to help with the smell and the effectiveness of the solution) and soak cotton balls or towelettes in the liquid. Thoroughly wipe down every inch of your houseplant, taking care to reach every little curve and cranny. Allow this solution to sit on the surface of the leaves for a few hours before giving your plant a good rinse.



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