How to make sure your houseplant survive a heatwave

Things are heating up in the UK right now. When it comes to extreme heat and basking in the sun, houseplant are much like us. They need a little break.

Here's Pretty Cactus Plants top tips to help your houseplant survive the current heatwave.


Most plants will enjoy a little boost of sunlight. However, too much direct light will burn even the biggest of plant-sun-worshipers. Move any leafy houseplants away from really sunny windows, or add a sheer curtain such as a voile to protect your plants.

Quick Guide To Understanding Sunlight 

  • North - Little sun during the day and no strong sun. Perfect for your low-light loving houseplants. 
  • East - Sun in the  morning and shadier in the afternoon and evening. The perfect combo for most plants.
  • South - The brightest spot in your home with sun during most of the day. At the peak of summer the sun will be very string in south-facing rooms.  Make sure houseplants are away from the window especially during summer, but the cactus will love this spot!
  • West - Sun in the afternoon and evenings, making it great for most plants. 



Like us, houseplants will become more thirsty in the hotter weather, especially a heatwave. The combination of higher temperatures, dry air and sun will cause water in the soil to evaporate quicker. You will need to keep an eye on the soil of your houseplants and give them more water if needed. 

TIP: Some plants will show they are thirsty with thin of drooping leaves.  Another good sign is when the soil redacts from the pot leaving a gap.

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Dry Air 

With hotter temperatures some drier air. Your plants will need to have a little mist to keep them hydrated. A sin that your indoor plants are finding the air too dry, is brown crispy tips. Here's how to combat dry air in a heat wave. 

  1. Mist your plant with a spray bottle 
  2. Group plants together, they will naturally produce humidity and help each other. 
  3. Pop your plants on a tray of pebbles and will with water. This will help maintain humidity levels in the heat.

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As things heat up, your plants will have a growth spurt. making it a good time to give your houseplants a good prune. Cut away any dead flowers, or sad looking leaves. This will give your plant more energy for throw out new growth. But... maybe hold off until the heat wave passes. As pruning causes a little bit of stress to your plant. If your plant is already stressing because of extreme heat, you don't want to cause any more discomfort. 

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