Pretty quickly on in your journey to plant parenthood, you will realise that plants should go in every room of your home. The beneficial properties of plants should be spread out to every inch of your space and the bathroom, while known for being notorious for its poorly lit and somewhat chilly climate, deserves to be a lush, mini jungle, too! As tricky as it may sound at first, it is possible to find plants that will lively happily here.

  Here are our top recommendations for indoor plants that want to live in your bathroom!


ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

  This is one of those few plants that has seen trends come and go but has always stayed in the spotlight since coming onto the market in 1996. Not only is this plant great at adapting to any conditions, including low light spaces, but it was also featured in the NASA Air Purifying Study that showed just how beneficial it is to keep this plant baby around! ZZ Plants are fantastic centerpiece plants that look amazing against any white, tiled backdrop, and will continue to grow like wildfire even with limited light exposure.


Peace Lily

  The Peace Lily is one of those plants whose beautiful will take our breath away every time we see it in bloom – which is all the time. This lily is known for its delicate flower spikes and lush foliage, but many don’t know that this plant can also collect and absorb mould spores from the air. They keep your bathroom safe, even with the naturally high humidity! However, keep in mind that most lilies, including the Peace Lily, can be harmful to the pets in your life; even keeping one of these plants in the same room as a cat can cause a severe reaction.


Bromeliad varieties

  You’ll recognise bromeliads as the plant that seemingly flowers at all times, regardless of the season or its conditions. While these plants come in all different shapes and patterns, they will always add a fantastic pop of color to any space, especially against the plain, tiled background of a bathroom! Most bromeliads are incredibly easy to care for because while they appreciate high humidity on occasion, they can live with low light and infrequent waterings, making them perfect for beginners’ bathrooms. The higher humidity of the space will help a bromeliad stay moist without much of the extra work!


English Ivy (Hedera helix)

  While the English Ivy may be one of the most common house plants in the world, we like to think they are extremely underrated, especially considering they can happily live in a bathroom and around pets! In any space, the Hedera helix is low maintenance, and this rings true for the cool, humid space of a home restroom. As an added bonus (and stay with us here), this species of plant is wonderful at clean your air – even of faecal particles (gross, we know). So, in exchange for caring for an English Ivy, they will turn around and take care of you and your health right back!


Sansevieria varieties

  If you have been a plant parent for any amount of time at all, you will know how wonderful every species of Snake Plant is. These hardy, resilient plants can withstand just about any kind of treatment, live in basically any setting, and go without watering for quite some time. When placed in a bathroom, they can soak up the humidity from the air to go even longer without human intervention. Sansevieria varieties are also fans of low light, so they can live in the dim corner of a bathroom and still happily grow all year long.