Just starting out as a plant parent? Check out these 3 (almost) unkillable houseplants

We've all been there. Even the most green-fingered plant parent kills a plant or two. But...

Don't let past plant-based experiences put you off on your journey to being a fully fledged plant parent. To help pick you back up again, here's some really tough houseplants, which are (almost) unkillable.

Snake Plants 

I don't even think there is a Pretty Cactus Plants blog which doesn't feature the Snake Plant. 

A great all rounder that comes in so many shapes, sizes and leaf colours. There is sure to be one you fall for. 

Pop anywhere, they're not fussy on light conditions or temperature. The main thing that will kills one of these is TOO MUCH WATER. Step away from that watering can. 

Free Sansevieria in pot near books on chest of drawers Stock Photo



These hanging houseplants are one of our best sellers. Why? Because they are so easy to care for, quick to grow and look amazing. Pothos will live in almost any light conditions, but just try and avoid direct light. It also won't have a wobble if you forget to water it. You can let this guy to completely dry out before giving it a drink.

Leave it hanging or get it to climb, The choice it yours...

Free Green Plant on White Table Stock Photo


ZZ Plant

Also known as zamioculcas or a zanzibar gem this plant with its glossy leaves is a winner for any new plant-parent. They cope well with long periods of drought in the wild, which means you can neglect it. 

It does like a nice shaded corner or a room, and the occasional dust, to keep it's leaves looking shiny. But otherwise - fuss free. 

 Free Green Zamioculcas on White Pot Stock Photo