Keep Your Houseplants Happy This Summer

Summer. like any season is a great time for houseplants. Whether you're tending to existing plants or adding new ones to your collection, here is everything you need to know to keep your houseplants happy in the heat. 



Just like you, your houseplants will need a little more to drink in the hotter months of the year. Plants are in their active growing season, will will naturally be thirstier but also the hotter temperatures will make the soil dry out a little quicker. 

But before you get too happy with your watering can, make sure you check that your plants need a drink before watering them. You can still overwater in the summer months. 

TIP: Hold your fingers on the top of the soil for 3 seconds. If the soil feels damp this is usually a sign that your plant does not need a drink. 
If it feels dry, this means it is time for a little top up. 

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While we're talking about watering, it is worth giving some of your leafy houseplants a mist of water too. Cacti, succulents and arid plants don't need humidity - so these guys can be skipped when you do your misting rounds. 

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Plants get sun burn too... 

There are some plants that love strong direct sun, these are mainly the guys that come from desert climates. But most houseplants will find the summer sun a bit too much. Especially if they are in a south-facing room / window. 

You may have to do a little reshuffle of plants to avoid this. 

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