New Year, New Plants!

It is nearing the end of 2021, and the end of another strange year. 

Out of all the uncertainty of the past few years, one thing has become clear - the UK has developed a love of all things house plants. So lets start 2022 with a new year and some new house plants. 


Why add house plants to you home? 

What’s not to love about a house plant? They add a touch of green and comfort to any space in your home. There's so many to choose from, it almost becomes a hobby to keep adding new varieties of house plants. To help you get started with your house plant collection in 2022, or to add to your already budding collection, here's Pretty Cactus Plants' predictions on which indoor plants will be trending in the coming year. 

# 1 Big House Plants

House plants are playing such a huge part in interior design and styling at the moment. With a few years of us all being plant-parents, confidence has built and it's predicted that you will now start investing in larger house plant.

If you're ready to go large with your indoor plants you may want to have a look for a Ficus audrey. Ficus Audrey is the cousin of the Fiddle Leaf Fig which has been popular for many years now. But 2022 could see the Ficus audrey take over in terms of the style stakes. 


#2 Philodendrons 

In 2021 the sales of philodendron rocketed! As we spent more time at home, people wanted to add plants with instant impact BUT were easy to look after. Philodendron micans  in particular where a huge hit and is sure to continue to be so in 2022. It has beautiful, velvety leaves and variety of green and orange tones. Making it a really eye catching plant. 

Philodendron are also very versatile in terms of how you can style them. You can have them hanging over the edge of a shelf, or climbing a moss pole. 


# 3 Flowering House Plants 

2022 is the year to mix things up some just green foliage. Adding house plants that flower into your home will give your a pop of colour and the sense of anticipation are you wait for your blooms to appear. Top of the flowering house plant trend is set to be Hoya plants. 

Hoya have been a firm favourite as a house plant for many years and were popular back in the 1970s. They will start to bud in the spring months and produce the most beautiful cluster of flowers that smell like butter scotch. 

# 4 Marimo Moss Balls 

These weird aquatic plants have been a top seller for Pretty Cactus Plants for many years now and we love them. 2022 is set to be the year that you all fall in love with them too. 

Marimo Moss Pets started to trend on Tik Tok towards the end of this year.


They're easy to look after and can be kept as a small desk or bedroom pet. They are plant - just be completely clear and normal per maintenance is not required.  Just change the water every couple of weeks, place in a low light setting and you're done. 


#5 Cactus

Here at Pretty Cactus Plants HQ, we did a happy dance when we saw the trends for Cactus purchases. 

In particular, the Fishbone Cactus has seen a 2,280% increase in popularity in the last year, with Bunny Ear Cactus not far behind with 1,985% increase. 

Of the top 10 most searched house plants on Google in the UK over the last year, 4 of these plants where cacti. They are easy to care for and with the uncertainty and lack of stability at the moment with working from home etc. it is nice to have a house plant which isn't fussy and if you leave it unattended for a while, isn't going to be all dramatic.