New Year's Resolutions?

Not long until the New Year.
As 2020 approaches, you might be thinking about a New Year's Resolution. Lets face it - we all make them and never keep them!
If like me you're always going to; eat better, workout more, drink more water and so on... and then never do!
Why not set a New Year's Resolution that's a little easier to keep.

One of the top resolutions for 2020 is set to be... buy more house plants.

Now that sounds like a resolution I can get on board with.

You might wonder why this is a good resolution.... well...
The presence of indoor plants can lower stress levels. One study found that actively caring for plants calmed the autonomic nervous system and lowered blood pressure. And when people work near plants, they report greater concentration, satisfaction, and perceived air quality. With lifestyles becoming busier, caring for plants can be a great way to switch off and take some #selfcare time.

Source: Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester

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