Plant Passports

Chances are you'll start seeing this little label everywhere from now on. It's a Plant Passport. 🌍

On the 14th of December 2019 the new EU Plant Health Regulation came into force.

Much like an actual passport, plants need one of these to go on their travels. I'm super excited to start issuing the plants I ship with my very own and unique Plant Passport ID. But don't panic if you've popped in store or seen me at a fayre and your plant doesn't have one of these stickers. By law they don't need one if being purchased in person, only if they're being mailed.

Why do plants need a passport I hear you cry?
Well, it's to try and help trace-ability of plants through the distribution chain. In particular those which are high risk of pests and disease.
At each step in their journey they will get a new and unique Plant Passport ID. Much like getting a stamp in your passport when you go backpacking - each country you travel through issues a new stamp. The only difference is our little leafy friends don't have to leave the country to get a stamp. They just have to move through the distribution channel.

Any new plant arriving in store with me has a Passport sticker already applied. I just need to add mine to it when I ship them out again. Any plant I've grown will have completely new sticker applied as it will be the first time it's very left the nest.
And it's only potted plants, so air plants and marimos are exempt.

I love the idea of a little plant having lots of little stamps on it to show you it's journey before arriving with you. 🛄

So keep your eyes peeled for Pretty Cactus Plant Passport stamps, featuring on any plant your order online VERY soon...