Your indoor plants get lonely. Fact!

Plants need a good mix of elements to thrive, this includes light and water. But did you know they also need an ambience to really thrive. Having so many plant parents at home during lockdown has been great for houseplants. But now life is starting to return to normal the ambience in your home will change. This could have an adverse effect on your plants. 

Here's why... 

1. Plants know their environment. 

Plants have amazing abilities to defend themselves from threats in nature and in your home. This is the same when it comes to sensing general elements around them, such a people and pets. They will be able to sense when no one is in the home. 

2. They grow better with noise.

A 2009 study performed by the Royal Horticultural Society found that tomato plants grew taller when they were spoken to. It hasn't been tested on all plants, but if you talk to your plants the theory is they will grow better. 

3. The temperature in your house will change. 

This is more applicable in the winter months, as many tropical houseplants like being warm. With plant-parents returning to work your home will be cooler during the day than it is when you've been working from home during lockdown. 

4. They will miss you breathing out. 

Carbon dioxide increases photosynthesis, therefore spurring plant growth. With less humans around during the day, the Co2 levels will have decreased.

5. Less time for plant care

Being at home during lockdown means you've been paying more attention to your houseplants. Now you're venturing out more, you may have less time on your hands to tend to their watering, pruning and rotation needs. 

With these 5 reasons in mind, make sure you keep an eye on your plant-pets so that they don't feel neglected with lockdown restrictions lifting and the return to normal now underway.