Plastic Plant Pots Driving you Potty?

Now we're in the New Year you may be thinking about having a bit of a clear out at home. Including your shed, garage and greenhouse. Which may mean you want to get rid of some unused and unloved plant pots.

But #dyk you can't just pop your plant pots in your recycling waste.

So what can you do?

Well! You can take your plastic pots to your local recycling centre. Or even DIY store. There's some great initiatives to help recycle pots rather than send them to landfill. If you're not sure if your local recycling centre will recycle pots there's an online checker:…/plastic-plant-pots

Or if you're planning on a spot of New Year DIY, why not take your pots back to the DIY store. Stores such as B&Q have a community re-use scheme that will take plant pots as well as other items such had half-use pots of paint and ends of wall paper:

Or... try your local community roups to see if they can use pots for some upcoming spring projects. Many Scout or Brownie groups will be looking for items such as pots for craft or gardening projects.

Hopefully that's helped with some ways to dispose of your plants pots responsibly rather than sending them to landfill.