One of the joys of having houseplants is watching them grow. When they noticeably stop this process it is frustrating. But fear not, your plant hasn't given up. There are reasons was to why growth may have stopped and easy ways to fix this.

Lack of Nutrients 

One of the most common reasons why your plant might have stopped growing is because it’s not getting enough nutrients to thrive. For your plant to grow it will need nutrients, light and water. If one of these factors if off, it may have go into shut-down mode. 

Other signs that your plant may not be getting the nutrients it needs include yellow or thin. If this is the case, the answer is easy. Give it the nutrients it needs. All plants are different and it is worth a google to find out what your plant needs. Some fertiliser may be the answer, or a fresh pot of soil could help too. If plants are in the same soil for too long all the nutrients from this will be stripped. A pot of fresh soil will be packed with the nutrients it needs to give it a boost again. 

It has Pests

It is every plant parents nightmare. But you plant may have a pest which is stopping it from growing. 

Common houseplant pests like aphids or fungus gnats could be the culprit. The first point of call to fix this is to try wiping the plant’s leaves down with diluted washing up liquid. 

See The Organic Way to Treat Houseplant Pests for more information. 

It is Root Bound 

If your houseplant is the same pot for a number of years, it may need a change. As with the above you plant may have exhausted their soil’s nutrients. Plus the pot may now be full of roots with no room for additional growth. 


Key indicators that it is time to change the pot are:

  • Roots are coming out of the holes in the bottom of its pot.
  • When you squeeze the nursery pot there is no give or movement. 

If your plant is showing signs of being root bound it will need to be repotted. Only go one or two sizes bigger though.