Spruce up your hallway with houseplants

It's the first room your enter when you get home, or when visitors pop over, but we often overlook the décor of our hallways. They are notoriously challenging to decorate and are often dark and draughty. Which if you're wanting to spruce up your hall with plants, can be tricky. 


Before you rush out and grab a plant, there are some things you may want to consider:

  • Size - if going for a larger statement plant it may restrict space. Thing about not on the height of the plant but the spread too. 
  • Setting - are you going for a floor standing plant, popping it on a table or hanging your plant? Hanging plants are a great way of adding greenery to a hall without taking up floor space. 
  • Light - how much light will your plant get, is it in a corner or by a door or window? 
  • Temperature - especially in the winter months your hallway can become very cold with the door opening and closing. You will need to think about plants that don't mind getting a chill. 


Here's Pretty Cactus Plants pick of plants that will survive your hallway, all year round. 

Sanseveria / Snake Plants 

These plants are super robust and will take anything your throw at them. EXPECT too much water. So make sure you don't overwater these plants. Otherwise, they are happy in the sun, shade, hot or cold. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They have an upright growth habit, which means they won't take up too much space either. Perfect!  

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Dracaena / Dragon Tree
A great specimen feature plant suitable for most hallways, as it will cope with lower lighting and dry air. They are easy to care for and you can get away with not watering your dragon tree for quite some time. 

They trend to have long stems with a burst of foliage on the top, again making sure they don't take up too much space. They grow best in warmer temperatures so it better to keep away from the front door. 

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foli8 Dragon Tree Marginata Plant, Large, Green | MADE.com

Zamioculcas / ZZ Plant
ZZ Plants look stunning and are super tough too! They will cope with temperature fluctuations so is a great plant to pop by the front door. This hardwearing plant will survive in any conditions except direct sunlight. 

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Tillandsia usneoides / Spanish Moss 

This long air plant is perfect for rooms with limited space, as it doesn't have any roots. Meaning it doesn't need a pot. You can literally hang this anywhere for a botanical touch. Mist every week or so and that's it. Perfect for even the smallest of hallways. 

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