Having houseplants in the office, hotel, and homes is very common, but there's a new trend now emerging - houseplant in the gym! Whether it be a commercial gym or your home gym, having houseplants can help you while you workout.

They not only provide fresh air but have several other benefits on offer too. 

Before you rush out and buy all the plants. There's a couple of things to keep in mind. While choosing plants for the gym, keep in mind to select the ones that enhance the aesthetic appeal, have air-purifying properties, and require minimum maintenance.

Avoid using plants with thorns, as they may cause injury to the gym members. Although we love a cacti - avoiding being pricked by one while lunging is not ideal. 

But it worth keeping in mind that gyms can get quite humid, air purifying plants help to keep the humidity levels down and also clean the air off harmful elements. 

So, here's Pretty Cactus Plants top plants for the gym... 

Areca Palm

Bring a touch for the tropical to the gym by popping some areca palms around the place. They can grow up to 4-12 feet tall and offer a great focal point. Plus, placing one of these guys in a corner will soften the edged of a room or studio - which can help to elevate stress. They also make a great living screen to divide off areas of the gym or act as a curtain to soften the light coming in. 

Snake Plant

If there is ever a blog that doesn't feature a snake plant we will be shocked!
Snake plants look great, are low maintenance and offer several health benefits, one of which is their air-purifying ability. Plant them at any dark corner of your gym and leave them be. 

Jade Plant 

Jade plant is a beautiful, easy care succulent that can be planted anywhere in the gym. In Feng Shui it is considered bring good luck and fortune and emits a positive upward vibe. It’ll also help in improving the gym’s air quality by eliminating VOCs, toluene, and acetone from the air.

ZZ Plant

NASA's Clean Air Study proves that ZZ plants are great  for removing harmful pollutants such as CO2, xylene, and toluene from the air.  Also, it is not fussy about water or light and is completely low maintenance. 

Spider Plant 

This is one of the hardest working plants around in terms of cleaning the air of toxins. They won't take up too much space as they can easily be hung from the ceiling to add greenery without impacting on workout space. Plus - they are hard to kill and super low maintenance.