The Organic Way to Treat Houseplant Pests

Your indoor plants are just as likely to get little bugs and pests as outdoor plants. The temptation is often to use off-the-shelf, chemical based pesticides. However, some chemical based pesticides and fungicides can contain a lot of toxins, and can be harmful to pets and children. Making your own  natural alternative can avoid bringing those chemicals into your homes and they are just as effective.


Before you try to attack any pest on your plants, make sure you know what they are. Not all creepy-crawlies on your plant are bad. Some are beneficial to plants and are worth keeping around. Once you know what’s infecting your plant, you can start to look for natural treatments.



A good organic pesticide which will treat most issues is a mix of washing up liquid and water in a spray bottle. Mix a good squirt washing up liquid in a bottle and shake before use. Spray directly onto the leaves of your plant.

This will treat a lot of common, household pests



Sometimes you can get a build up of mould on your soil, especially for houseplants which like damp soil, such as ferns. Use the above mix, but all a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda. It is a great fungicide as too.



Yep – Thrips are every houseplant  parents nemesis. They are the common thunder fly that appear every summer, but they can nest in the soil of your houseplants. Chilli is a great natural way to repel these.

Mix one teaspoon of chilli powder with a litre of water and a few drops of mild soap and spray the whole lot onto your plants.