Houseplants are an ever increasingly popular decorative feature in most homes and workplaces. This is partly due to their aesthetics, but they also have a proven positive impact on their environment and on the mental health of those that share it with them.  Which makes them a great addition to the classroom as we prepare for a new school year. 

Research has shown that having plants in the classroom can:

  • Improve concentration
  • Aid memory retention
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Increase energy levels

Not that you're sold on the idea of adding a touch of green to your classroom for the 2021/2022 school year - here's some indoor plants which would look great next to the blackboard.

Snake Plant 

This is a standard plant in many of the Pretty Cactus Plants blogs. It is a great all rounder! 
Also known as a Sansevieria, it comes in many varieties. It is easy to care for and it one of the hardest workers in terms of air purifying. 
It will tolerate low light, so can be popped in a the corner of a room without causing any dramas. 


Cacti are perfectly suited to indoor environments with minimal care needs. They're a great plant for helping reduce EMF in your class room from computers, projectors and other electronics. Making the classroom a static free environment. Just be careful of small hands trying to grab them. Saying 'don't touch' will only make them want to do it more. 


These plants are really fun and you can get very creative with them. They have no roots which means they don't need soil. You can pop them anywhere in the classroom and even hang them from the ceiling to create a fun and inspiring setting. They're easy to care for an just need a mist of water every week or so. 


Spider Plant 

Another hard working plant in terms of air purifying and are also great at removing static charge from the air. This makes them a great plant for any classroom with a lot of VDUs and Computers. They're easy to care for an will product oodles of babies. Which you can use to teach students about plant growth or gift them to your class at the end of term.