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Are you really that into house plants if you don’t have at least one book on the subject? Yeah, we didn’t think so either! Popularity in caring for plants has exploded over the last decade, resulting in more books filled with all kinds of information to flood the market, so we wanted to stock our favorites to share with you.

Everything from plant arrangements and design, to recipe books, activity books, and more are available in our store and online. For the advanced and seasoned plant parents, we even have books that go more in depth on the scientific and social impact that house plants have on our lives – a must read area of the industry if you want to learn more about your favorite house mates! These botanical and horticulture books make perfect gifts for any plant lover or even someone just looking to brush up on their plant knowledge.

A wonderful gift idea is to pair one of our newly added books with a gift voucher to surprise that favorite plant parent in your life, and who knows – maybe they will even pick out a baby plant for your home as a thank you!

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