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There has been an obvious growing desire in the world to bring more of the outdoors in, and while we love plants of any species, we know that living plants are not always the right fit for everyone. That’s why we at Pretty Cactus decided to start bringing Dried Flowers & Grasses into our store as an alternative and a décor option that is just as jaw-dropping beautiful as any cactus that requires no maintenance!

Pampas Grass and dehydrated flowers in their natural color and form, have become increasingly popular across the globe as a solution for someone who wants the appearance of plants indoor without any of the care or upkeep that goes along with it. We carry a wide range of dried grasses and flowers that can be displayed as individual stems, bundled with others, or made into wreaths or garlands with a little bit of work and an eye for design. These pieces can also be used as a permanent fixture year-round or used as decoration for special occasions like weddings, announcement photoshoots, or any special holiday you decide to celebrate!

At Pretty Cactus, the Dried Flowers and Pampas Grass we keep in our shop are responsibly sourced from various purveyors all across the UK. Each order is carefully chosen for their quality and beauty, by their original sources. All the wonderful plants (dried or otherwise!) we bring into our shop are chosen by us in small batches and given the best care and attention until they find their way home with you.

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