Monstera Adansonii a.k.a Monstera Monkey Mask - live house plant in 5.5cm pot
Monstera Adansonii a.k.a Monstera Monkey Mask - live house plant in 5.5cm pot

Monstera Adansonii a.k.a Monstera Monkey Mask - live house plant in 5.5cm pot

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This Monstera Adansonii is the brother of everyone's favourite, the Swiss Cheese plant.
These beauties come from Central America, in particular Panama and Mexico.

Fancy taking a guess as to how it got its name?
Noone is 100% certain, but lets picture a botanist on an expedition in the jungle on a look out for a new species to put their name to. Lets call him 'Dave'.
When Dave spots this stunning variation of Monstera and thinks to himself, "I've just discovered the Monstera Davidaios. That name is sure to catch on."
Dave noticed some cheeky little monkeys playing among the plants and notes to himself how curious it is that they're using the Monstera leaves as masks, peering through the holes in the leave. Dave chortles to himself, collects a sample and return homes.
Once home, Dave proudly shows off his newly found species of Monstera and regales the story of the monkeys in the jungle. Before even being able to announce the name of his new found plant, it is forevermore dubbed the 'Monkey Mask'. Poor Dave.

These guys are a fairly easy care house plan.
Monstera can tolerate either a light or dark spot, but preferably no direct sunlight. The key to keeping your Monstera happy is keep it away from a draught. The ideal temperature is between 18 and 22 °C.
Water once a week. The soil should not be allow to dry out.

Delivered in a 5.5cm plastic pot

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