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While we think anything can become a house plant if you try hard enough, this page is dedicated to all of the house plants we have come to know, love, and want to pass on to you. Every plant that comes through our shop brings us a little bit of joy in their own ways, so we do our best to care for each little one until you decide to bring them home and join the millions of others living and caring for indoor plants.

We have cultivated an incredible assortment of house plants, including the stripey Calathea, the Feng Shui lover’s Lucky Bamboo, the dainty String of Hearts, and everyone’s favorite Pothos and Philodendron.

If you aren’t sure what would fit you, ask one of our shop employees and we will be happy to pair you with something that is just right.

At Pretty Cactus, the house plants we keep in our store are sourced and imported from various growers all across the EU. Each one is hand-picked for their health, rarity, and beauty, by their original nurseries. All the wonderful, unique plants we bring to you are chosen by us in small batches and given the best care and attention until they find their way home to you!

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