Kentia Palm  - large houseplant. 21cm pot. Approx. 100CM tall.

Kentia Palm - large houseplant. 21cm pot. Approx. 100CM tall.

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This Kentia Palm is the houseplant of dreams! 

It is a great indoor plat for making an instant impact. It gives off totally tropical vibes and is a bushy plant that is perfect for adding a botanical feel to any home.

The Kentia palm comes from Lord Howe Island in Australia. It is also widely grown on Norfolk Island. It is a relatively slow-growing palm, eventually growing up to 10 m tall by 6 m wide. But don't panic, it won't take over your house anytime soon. 

It loves sunlight but can’t handle a direct glare. Too much light may turn the leaves yellow.

These plants do need a good bit of watering, however, they should not be sitting in overly damp soil. Overwatering is a common way to make this plant look sick. Wait for the soil to dry before watering. 

In spring and summer, try to water the plant slightly more and keep it slightly moist at all times. This is important because they get very thirsty during this time of year.

Non-toxic for pets and humans. 

In 21cm pot. 

Approx 100cm tall.