Collection: Sansevieria

Snake Plants have been a popular plant for decades due to their tolerance for growing in even the most difficult of situations. Also known by their botanical name Sansevieria or the common name “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue,” these strange plants grow like spears vertically out of the ground in a huge range of dazzling colors and patterns.

These 1970’s throwback plants can survive on extraordinarily little water and low levels of light, making them wonderful for people with busy lifestyles, black thumbs, or know plant knowledge whatsoever.

All varieties of snake plants we carry were rated by NASA to be superb at purifying the air in a home, removing a number of naturally occurring toxins and giving off clean oxygen instead. The snake plant is a super plant anyone can afford to have in their home. At Pretty Cactus, the Sansevieria we keep in our store are sourced and imported from various growers all across the EU. Each one is hand-picked for their health, rarity, and beauty, by their original nurseries. All the unique, wonderful snake plant we bring to you is chosen by us in small batches and given the best care and attention until they find their way home to you!

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