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From the flowering Echeveria to ever popular String of Pearls and handy Aloe, we have succulent plants available to fit any skill set, lifestyle, and space!

These super sweet plants make fantastic gifts for beginners and enthusiasts alike – regardless of your circumstances, there is a succulent perfectly fit for you and ready to grow along with you.

What are succulents?
Succulents are a type of plant with thick, fleshy leaves that are used to retain moisture for long periods of time to thrive in arid, drought-prone locations more easily. Because of this natural survival instinct, succulents require less attention, water, and humidity than many other house plants; they are happiest in warm locations with lots of direct sun light and can show their appreciation by showing off beautiful shades of green, pink, purple, orange, and occasionally even black.

At Pretty Cactus, the succulents we keep in our store are sourced and imported from various growers all across the EU. Each one is hand-picked for their health, rarity, and beauty, by their original nurseries. All the unique, wonderful plants we bring to you are chosen by us in small batches and given the best care and attention until they find their way home to you!

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