Houseplants by Room

If you're looking for a houseplants for a specific room in your house, this handy guide will help you get the right plant for the right room. 


Living Room 
From full indoor jungle vibes to creating a focal point with a few statement plants, adding houseplants to your living room will soften spaces, add humidity and offer air purifying benefits. 


Add humidity loving plants to create a sense of tranquillity in often the busiest room in the house. Plus, there are a host of houseplants you can buy online which offer air purifying benefits. Great for removing any residual toxic in the air from cooking with gas and cleaning products. 


Often the smallest and most overlooked room in your home. 

But you can create a botanical bathroom. Go for humidity and low light loving plants. They will thrive in your bathroom and won't require too much care either. 
Styling indoor plants in your bedroom can help you achieve a tranquil sanctuary which aids relaxation and boosts sleep. You need plants that will offer photosynthesis 24 hours a day, Cacti and Succulents are great for this. 

Houseplants in the office can help with concentration and productivity. You will be working like a boss when you add a houseplant or two. Some houseplants even absorb electromagnetic radiation which is given off from computers and electricals.