Pretty Cactus Ambassadors

What is a Pretty Cactus Ambassador? 
I'm looking for a team of people to show off their plants from Pretty Cactus on social media. 
You will be sent selected houseplant in exchange of posting about these gorgeous plants in your own home. 
You don't need a massive social following, I'm just looking for people who are passionate about houseplants and support Pretty Cactus as we continue to grow as a business. 

What YOU as a Pretty Cactus Ambassador need to do:-

  1. You will be sent selected plants from Pretty Cactus, which will be complimentary. 
  2. You will need to share photos of these plants in your own home. Tagging @pretty.cactus.plants each time you upload a photos to social media. Ideally mentioning Pretty Cactus on your feed and Instagram stories twice a month. 
  3. Liking, commenting, savings and sharing other posts on Instagram from Pretty Cactus as much as you can.  

How being a Pretty Cactus Ambassador benefits YOU:- 

  1. You will receive 25% off all Pretty Cactus products for YOU to enjoy. 
  2. You will be given an exclusive discount code for my website for your to share with your social media following. 
  3. Pretty Cactus Ambassador are valid for a 3 month period before applications open again. All Pretty Cactus Ambassador will need to re-apply to remain an ambassador. This will allow me to ensure the criteria for being an ambassador are being followed. 

To be ELIGIBLE to apply, you must:

  1. Like and follow Pretty Cactus on social media (Instagram and Facebook)
  2. Have good photography skills (I’m not asking for a professional photographer). But in-focus photos of the plants in situ would be lovely.
  3. Be a houseplant LOVER!

To APPLY, please email with the following information:-

  1. Name
  2. Instagram handle 
  3. A short statement as to why you would like to become a Pretty Cactus Ambassador

Thank you! 

Only successful applications will be notified.