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Say yes to the plant! 

Whether you're looking to add a botanical touch to your big day, or looking for all out jungle theme - Pretty Cactus Plants can help. 

Not convinced? 

Here's 5 reasons why you should incorporate plants into your wedding day... 

1. Houseplants are affordable.

When buying houseplants for your nuptials, they are the same price from Pretty Cactus plants as they would be when purchasing them in store as an every day customer. There's no price increases when you mention the 'w' word like many cake-maker and florist do.

2. Houseplants create memories. 

We all have that plant that reminds us of going to our grandparents house. Or that time we went on holiday and the hotel had a whopping plant in the foyer. It will be the same as plants at your wedding. Guests will remember that you have a succulent centre piece for years to come. Who knows, you may still have that same succulent from your big day when it comes to your 5th wedding anniversary. You could even use plants from your big day to grow more and re-gift. Houseplants not only create memories, but they will last for a super long time too. 

3. Houseplants are versatile.

You can get so many looks and feels to your big day with plants. Add hanging air plants for instagram-able charm, ferns for a jungle-style photo booth, and even marimo moss balls as centre pieces.

Houseplants in statement pots work well too – it doesn't have to be all green. Kalanchoe can add pops of colour, as can orchids too. 

4. Plants make great favours.

Houseplants are a great eco-friendly favour. Lets face it, most wedding favours go in the bin after the wedding  is done and dusted. They will last a long time and will act as a reminder to your friends and family of the great time they had at your wedding. 

5. They will grow with your marriage. 

I never knew what to do with my wedding bouquet after the day. It was lovely, but I kept it longer than I should have and it just ended up looking a bit sad in a week after the event. You can take your plants home with your and watch the grow with your marriage. Or gift them to key members of your bridal party. 


Hire, purchase, create yourself... 


You can hire plants and props from Pretty Cactus Plants. Especially for large houseplants that will create impact. That way you have maximum impact on the day, without maximum expense. It also means it is one less thing to re-home following the day. 


All pricing is set the same as it is in the store for any items you want to purchase for your wedding or as favours. There are no price-hikes with your mentioned the 'w' word. 


If you fancy having terrarium centrepieces, air plant hangers, macramé makes or succulent arrangements for your wedding. Why not create them yourself with your wedding party - all under the watchful eye of Donna from Pretty Cactus Plants with a guided workshop. 

Sounds great!

Get in touch to start talking options and to book a consultation. Donna can meet you at your venue to discuss options, or you can pop to the shop in South Norfolk to see the range of plants on offer.