Octopusy is in the house! 


This Aloe Bakeri has a few names, octopusy being just one. 




They look a little like an aloe vera but have distinct differences. This guy will only get about 10–20 cm but it will be  up to 40 cm wide.


It's an evergreen perennial with lots of lovely rosettes of spidery succulent green or reddish-green toothed leaves, mottled with white. Paints a pretty picture doesn't it. 




Grab yours now online and instore!




Caring for your plant is straight forward...


Place your Aloe Bakeri in a bright spot and water when the soil is completely dry.  In autumn and winter cut back on the watering. Avoid rooms that are humid - that's your bathroom and a steamy steamy kitchens. In the summer why not treat it to a breath of fresh air by placing it near to an open window or even take it outside for a bit. Repot every year or two into a slightly larger pot.

Size: 14cm diameter pot 

Size: approx 40cm tall 

Aloe Bakeri - 14cm pot

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