Hoya Carnosa Tricolour

This little hoya is everyones favourite colours all rolled into one... green, white and pink! 
And who doesn't love a pink plant?

These pretty little pink dudes are also know as a 'wax plants'. Why? Well, they have thick, wax like leaves. 
They're a type of vine succulent and the waxy exterior of their leaves helps them to retain water. 

You'll receive a little starter plant, which will over time start to trial into vines giving you a beautiful hanging plant. 

In terms of care, it's pretty straight forward! 
Place in a bright, but indirect lighted spot
Make sure they're kept warm
If possible they do like humidity so mist regularly 
Water once the soil has dried and to completely be in the safe side you can wait for the leaves to pucker a little 

Delivered in a 6cm plastic pot

Hoya Carnosa Tricolour - live plant in 6cm pot

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