I love Lithops and I cannot lie! 

How cute are these little guys? They're a little plant that stays little and will be a life-long companion as they can live up to 50 years. 


Originally from Africa, Lithops are drought tolerant (meaning they don't need much water) and they love the sunshine. Place them in a south-facing window to ensure they can bathe. During the winter do not water your Lithops at all. This is their dormant season, you can start watering again in the springtime. 


Lithops are slow growers and will only ever get to approx 1" in terms of height, and can happily stay in the same pot for 10-15 years. 


Lithops fact #1 - Lithops is both the singular and plural term for these guys 

Lithops fact #2 - Lithops are non-toxic to humans and pets 

Lithops fact #3 - Children in Africa have been known to eat Lithops to quench their thirst

Product information:

You will receive one Lithops plant. On arrival take it straight out of the packaging and place in the sun. Your Lithops like at least 5 hours of sun a day - so a south-facing window will be great. Do not water your Lithops from November to February. And water sparingly the rest of the year. 

Lithops (Living Stones)

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