Million Hearts Vine 

This hanging plant is a stunner! 
It's comes from the tropical rainforests of South East Asia. It's called 'Million hearts' because of the shape of the leaves... and well look at it - there's millions of heart shaped leaves. 

Once the plant has matured and if cared for correctly it will bloom with super cute little urn-shaped, white flowers. 

This plant is a super sturdy guy. It will look amazing in a window, tall planter, macrame hanger... plus they're great in a terrarium too. 

Looking after you Million Hearts Vine is easy. 
- Allow the soil to dry out between watering
- Place in a nice sunny spot
- They prefer orchid soil / bark when potting up 
- To maintain the shape make sure you prune, or leave it be and let it grown wild! 
- These plants are really easy to look after and add real impact to any home 

Million Hearts Vine / Dischidia Ruscifolia - live plant in 14cm pot

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