Is there anything cuter than a String of Hearts? 
This trailing succulent is also known as Ceropegia Woodii. 


These are one of my favourite plants and my own String of Hearts often features in my Insta story. 


These guys are easy to look after and you treat them as you would any succulent. 
Let the soil dry out between watering and make sure it gets some sunlight. They're really robust and withstand neglect and even a bit of abuse... I may have dropped my own plant a few times. 


Pet owners - these guys have a toxic level of 2, which means they have a mild risk if ingested. Causing vomiting. But otherwise they're pretty safe. 


String of Hearts look great on a shelf, or in my favourite way to display plants... a Macrame hanger


Size: 6cm diameter pot 

String of Hearts - 6cm Pot

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