Fairy Tale Cactus / Cereus Repandus Florida cactus - live plant in 5.5cm Pot

Fairy Tale Cactus / Cereus Repandus Florida cactus - live plant in 5.5cm Pot

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These Cereus repandus 'Florida' Cactus are also known as a Fairy Tale Castle Cactus. It's obvious to see why!
They're spiky stems look like the towers of a fairy tale castle.

These castle cacti are native to North, South and Central Americas. It is a very slow growing plant that will eventually reach 6 feet tall.

This plant is called a Cereus Repandus Florida, because it comes from… well Florida!
NASA found that the cactus was efficient at absorbing EMF (Electric and magnetic fields) radiation. Having cactus around your computer can be a great way to get rid of ambient radiation bouncing around your office or bedroom.

Cereus Cacti like to dry out completely between waterings. The most common mistake made with these plants is overwatering. Make sure that you are letting the soil thoroughly dry before giving your plant water.
The more light this plant can get, the better! Place in a nice sunny spot in the house
Slow to grow and won’t require a re-pot any time soon.


Great in any south facing room and placed on a window sill. Also great in an office as they love florescent lighting and feed on radiation from electrical devices.

Non-toxic to pets, if they're likely to get anywhere near the plant to try giving it a munch.

Delivered in a 5.5cm pot.