Fern Leaf Cactus / Epiphyllum Chrysocardium / Selenucereus chrysocardium - hanging cactus in 14cm pot.

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This Selenucereus chrysocardium is more commonly known as a fern leaf cactus. It's a rare jungle cactus that comes from Mexico.
They've recently been re-classified from Epiphyllium Chrysocardium - which is a little confusing, but they are the same plant.

And, as I love a plant fact... here's a little meaning behind the name of this unusual guy:
Selenicereus: Selene (the Greek moon goddess) + cereus (means candle in Latin)
Chrysocardium: Chryso (golden) + cardium (heart)
So.... Selene's Candle has a Golden Heart! ♥

Don't let the roots dry out. Water when the top third of the soil dries. Never over water. Cut back in the winter months. TIP: Use tepped water when watering to avoid shocking the water roots with cold water.

Place in a shaded spot in the house. They thrive in low-light conditions. Ideally pop in a position where they will get morning sun and then shade for the rest of the day.
Re-pot every 2 to 3 years.

Great in bathrooms.
Pet safe.
Delivered in a 14cm plastic hanging pot.


UK Plant Passport A GB-130119 | B Epiphyllum | C 358605 | D NL