Spider Plant / Chlorophytum comosum Ocean - classic easy care houseplant in 12cm pot.

Spider Plant / Chlorophytum comosum Ocean - classic easy care houseplant in 12cm pot.

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The humble spider plant!
I do love a 1970s classic house plant. And you're sure to have seen one of these Chlorophytum comosum 'Vittatum' kicking around your parent's or grandparents' houses back in the day.

They're a bit like marmite. Love them or hate them.
I personally love them and have them growing everywhere! Treat these guys right and they pop out oodles of spider plant babies for you to propagate and pass on to a friend or family member.
Plus if you're a turtle-parent, your little hard-shelled baby will love a munch on these.

I think every house should have a spider plant, or two. If you're not convinced about the humble spider plant, here are some reason's why you should have one in your home:
1) they're pretty hard to kill!
2) they produce more oxygen than most house plants filling your home with lots of fresh clean air.
3) they're completely non-toxic for pets.
4) they remove 95 per cent of toxic agents from the air - proven in a study by NASA!
5) they feed on static, pop one of these by the TV to keep the atmosphere in your home static-free.
6) they're a good-looking, fast-growing plant.

Pop in bright, indirect light. Will tolerate some shade; however, this will slow its growth rate and it may lose its stripes. Avoid direct sunlight. 

Keep well-watered, aiming for lightly moist soil throughout the growing season.

Spider Plants as non-toxic for both dogs and cats.
BUT... the Spider Plant attracts cats to nibble on its leaves because they are mildly hallucinogenic. A bit like catnip.

Delivered in a  12cm plastic pot.