Tradescantia Spathacea (Sitara) - live trialing purple succulent houseplant in 12cm pot
Tradescantia Spathacea (Sitara) - live trialing purple succulent houseplant in 12cm pot

Tradescantia Spathacea (Sitara) - live trialing purple succulent houseplant in 12cm pot

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The colours of this Central American stunner brings a burst of natural colour to any room. Its elegant thin leaves end in a point, spraying out from a central point just above the soil.

The vibrant foliage of this Tradescantia Spathacea is a rich, mid-green, streaked with cream and vivid purple pink pigment, almost like its been painted!

It common name is 'Moses-in-the-cradle' because the small white flowers appear in among boat shaped leaves.

It a pretty and practical plant as this guy will help to rid the air of nasty chemicals.

This little beauty prefers dry soil. As a rainforest dweller, it likes bright but indirect light.
Fast-growing but unlikely get beyond 30cm tall.

It loves moist air, so bathrooms and kitchens are ideal.

Eating the leaves will make your pet sick and the sap may bring your skin out in a rash.
So pop it out of reach of your four legged friends.

Delivered in a 12cm plastic pot.

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