Wavestar Calathea / Calathea Bluegrass  - houseplant in 7cm pot.

Wavestar Calathea / Calathea Bluegrass - houseplant in 7cm pot.

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This handsome Calathea Bluegrass plant also known as bluegrass or wavestar calathea is native to the rain forests of South America.

It has bluey-green elongated leaves, held by upright stalks. As it matures, this plant's elegant foliage begins to cascade over the edge of the pot. 

This calathea comes from the hot and humid South American rainforests. This means it will be like a misting on a regular basis.



TIP: grouping your humidity loving plants together will help to help the atmosphere in dry rooms in your home. This can help with things just as dry skin, irritable eyes and respiratory issues. 


Place in a light but not a bright spot in your home and keep out of direct sunlight. Make sure it has a good constant temperature. 

Check that the top layer of soil is dry but that the lower soil is kept lightly moist. Use collected rainwater or bottled, distilled water without fluoride. 

Make sure your Blue Grass is in a pot with drainage holes in its base, if the soil becomes waterlogged, it can be affected by root rot.

Delivered in a 7cm plastic pot.
Pet safe plant.